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Important Notices


    This coming week Jared is baking Cranberry and Walnut bread instead of Olive. Please place your orders. If you are late with your order try emailing your request,


    Egg nog is now available in pints, quarts and half gallons.

  • Schult's Sourdough Bread

    We have a special offer this week on all Schult's sourdough bread. Buy 2 loaves for just $10.00. A saving of up to $4. Bread is available this week only in all flavors. Plain, Kalamata Olive Herb, Garlic Cheese, Cranberry Walnut, and Jalapeño Cheese.

  • EGGS

    After some searching and many false starts we have decided to source our egg supplies with Clifford Family Farm of Provo. These eggs are fresh, totally free range and from a variety of different hen types. They are naturally high in Omega 3 as the hens forage for much of their feed themselves. These eggs will replace the Snuck Farm and Carter farm eggs and are priced at just $4.20 per dozen.


    Unfortunately we are not able to offer Honey Milk Yogurt for the foreseeable future. This item will be replaced in due course when another producer has been sourced

  • New Flavours for Sour Dough Bread

    Be the first to sample Schultz new sour dough bread flavours. These are 'cheese and garlic' and cheese and jalapeno. Normally these are priced at $7 each but as an introductory offer we are selling these at just $6 until 8th July.

  • Facebook

    Please like our facebook page. Orem depot will be posting special offers over the coming year on its facebook page. Be sure not to miss out by liking our page. https://www.facebook.com/rosehilldairyorem

  • Snuck Farm Herbs

    Snuck Farm Herbs will not be available for a while due to the very slow growing season. Their range of mixed greens and lettuce are still available and represent great value for a premium product.

  • Malt - O - Meal Cereal

    Orem depot is now offering a selection of cereals for purchase from the Malt - O - Meal range. This well know local company produces excellent products . There can be nothing better for breakfast than a bowl of cereal with our creamy milk poured over.


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