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    Our Carter Farm produce boxes are back once more. Starting the week beginning 15th July. Prices are $25 with a sale price of $22.50 until the first of August. Produce is picked fresh daily and represents very good value for locally grown items. Order now before you forget.


    There is a continuing problem with meeting customer's demands for bread. Last minute ordering is not cost effective. Often we may run out of a particular type of bread. Other times we have way too much bread left over. The short shelf life of bread and the need to deliver it fresh also present a problem. At the moment because of wastage we are close to making a loss on bread sales overall. This is not the idea of being in business.To mitigate the losses I am asking all customers to order their bread at least 48 hours earlier in the week before their normal cut off time.


    I promised a short while ago to review the delivery fee once the situation had stabilised. I can now confirm that I have decided to adopt a 4 tier system of payments depending upon how much the value of a delivery is. The should help customers with low usage such as the elderly or people living on their own. It will also help people who want to support the dairy but have limited capacity to do so. The top fee of $2.35 remains for deliveries of $15.01 or more. For Deliveries between $10.01 and $15 the delivery fee is reduced to $2 and for deliveries between $5.01 and $10.00 there is a further reduction to $1.50. Finally those whose delivery is $5 or less pay just $1.00. So customers can have 2 x HG of our milk delivered and pay just a $1 delivery fee. Keep Safe. Simon


    We now have the following items available. In GROCERY we have White Albacore Tuna and Sardines in Olive Oil. Both make excellent snacks grilled on toast. In TOILETRIES we now have Kleenex 3 ply tissues and kitchen towels.


    Returnable Bottle Reminder Please remember that the hard, clear plastic half-gallon milk bottles are returnable. Please rinse the bottles and put them back out in your milk box when you finish the milk. We don't need the caps. Also, It's helpful if the bottles are standing in the box, rather than jammed in. Thanks! We appreciate being able to serve you.

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